April 17, 2020

New Zealand Destination Guide

New Zealand is one of the most breathtaking countries on earth, renowned for its stunning landscapes, unique biodiversity, and welcoming, down-to-earth residents. 

In recent years, New Zealand has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers seeking adventure or relaxation, global foodies and wine lovers, as well as an emerging international business destination. Whether you’re exploring the Southern Alps and the Southern Island’s famous fjords, scouring the forests for the reclusive Kiwi, or doing business in Auckland, this is a destination you can’t miss.  And EvisaExpress.com can help you get there! 

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EvisaExpress.com is a huge fan of New Zealand and is always collecting information about this fascinating place.  Check back often for new information about a place everyone should visit.


Here are some facts that you need know before you go:

  • New Zealand lacked predators and as a result a number of birds evolved as flightless including the Kiwi, and the Kakapo (a.k.a the Owl Parrot)
  • Rugby is universally regarded as the national sport of New Zealand. The national team, the “All-Blacks” have won the World Cup three times
  • The World Bank’s “Doing Business 2020” ranked New Zealand as the world’s easiest place to do business, and the Legatum Index ranks the country as #2 in their Overall Prosperity Index
  • The Kiwis are tinkers and inventors and claim these inventions as their own: the frozen meat trade, postal stamp vending machines, electric fences, and the bungee jump!
  • An estimated 15% of Kiwis own their own boat? That makes sense as it’s an island nation with some 15,000 kms of coastline
  • Sheep outnumber residents of New Zealand! Wool used to be the biggest export, but wine took over that title in 2007 
Looking for the Shire? Find it in New Zealand! Photo by Shan Li Fang on Unsplash

Looking for more about New Zealand? Check out these great resources that the EvisaExpress.com team finds essential:

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